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Vital Movement

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)

training for Pilates Teachers and Exercise Professionals.  

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Dynamic. Stable. Fluid. Strong.

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What is DNS?

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) is a revolutionary yet simple set of protocols to optimise movement, based on the science of Developmental Kinesiology - how movement patterns develop innately from birth through the Central Nervous System (CNS). Adults do not have to teach babies to move, to roll over, sit or crawl. All these movements and the muscle co-ordination required to achieve them, occur automatically and in a very specific sequence in the first years of life. With the maturation of the CNS, the baby’s structure and function keeps changing, as inbuilt motor programs shape posture and movement.

In a healthy baby, all the joints and muscles work together perfectly to create dynamic joint stability. There are no tight versus weak muscles  –  agonists and antagonists are in perfect balance, and joints are "centrated" in an optimal position. Nor is there any strain or excessive effort; breathing is naturally relaxed. As a result, a healthy baby sequentially develops perfect neuromuscular stability at rest and in motion. 

As we mature, we begin to train our bodies and develop habits in ways that override this natural neuromuscular stability. DNS exercises and techniques stimulate the nervous system, reminding us of these  inborn movement ‘blueprints’.

DNS was developed by Professor Pavel Kolář at the Prague School of Rehabilitation, building on the work of the Prague schools pioneers of  neurodevelopment and movement rehabilitation: Professors' Lewit, Janda, Vojta and Vele.

DNS is recognised in sports and mainstream rehabilitation for it's use in recovery from musculoskeletal overuse injuries, injury prevention and the treatment of pain syndromes. It's applications are prolific and DNS protocols work as well for the every day man, woman or child as they do for the professional athlete!  

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DNS - application to Pilates

The application of DNS to Pilates began as a collaboration between physiotherapist Martina Jezkova from the  Prague school of Rehabilitation and Chris Lavelle, a classically trained Pilates teacher.  Chris sought out DNS training when she found herself unable to address her chronic pain.  She completed all the DNS exercise courses with application to gym/sports settings, but was always applying the concepts to Pilates exercises and apparatus.

The application of DNS to Pilates arose out of a desire to make DNS more accessible and understandable to Pilates teachers. These courses include all the standard DNS Exercise course content, but also integrate the concepts and movement protocols of DNS with the Pilates exercise system and apparatus.

Participants can attain DNS exercise trainer certification with the esteemed Prague School of Rehabilitation by attending all three courses (parts 1, 2 & 3) and completing a written and practical assessment.

Each course is also PAA approved for 15PDP’s.