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If you have not had the opportunity to learn from Petr, now is the time!

Besides his wonderful sense of humour, he is a world-leading authority on somato-visceral patterns and rehabilitation and has amazing palpation skills. 

Petr Bitnar completed his master's degree in Physiotherapy at 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague in 2008. Since 2008 he has been working as lecturer specialist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Clinic, University Hospital Motol, Charles University in Prague. Petr's master degree thesis was: "Relationships between the gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system." Viscero-vertebral relations continue to be his primary professional interest, forming a topic of his postgraduate Ph.D. program since 2009. 
Petr has completed numerous professional courses including courses in Pain Projection in the Musculoskeletal system, McKenzie Approach, Functional Assessment and Treatment according to Mojžíšová, Klapp Crawling approach to scoliotic patients, Mobilization and Relaxation techniques according to Lewit, Reflex Locomotion according to Vojta, Pelvic Stabilization, and manual Lympho-drainage. 
Petr has been certified Lympho-therapist since 2009. Petr has been an instructor in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation according to Kolar since 2009, focusing mainly on viscero-somatic relationships within the DNS principles. Petr has also presented his original research in "Diaphragm function in patients with Gastroesophageal reflux disease" on numerous scientific conferences.