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This course has been specifically created for Pilates instructors and integrates the concepts and exercises of DNS into the complete Pilates System of exercise.

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DNS Yoga  and Visceral Mobilisation

In this groundbreaking course, Petr Bitnar and Martina Jexkova have combined their unique therapeutic approaches and specialties to develop a multifaceted approach to the functional assessment and treatment of visceral dysfunction, and it's interaction with the musculoskeletal system. The curriculum includes manual therapy techniques, self-treatment protocols, and DNS/Yoga exercises, which can aid in the mobilisation and motilisation of all the major visceral organs. All techniques will be demonstrated and practiced during hands-on treatment and exercise sessions.

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DNS Approach To Women’s Health And Pelvic Fitness

This unique course was developed by Martina Jezkova, one of the Prague schools most talented and knowledgeable therapists and trainers. In this course, Martina has combined her extensive DNS knowledge with over 20 years of Clinical experience in the fields of Women’s Health and Pelvic/Pelvic Floor dysfunction. 

The Pelvic Floor is often associated only with pre/post natal clients or the elderly. This workshop will shed light on the dynamic interplay of the Pelvic Floor and Diaphragm in spinal stabilisation and demonstrate how it is often the missing link in the diagnosis and treatment of movement dysfunctions in both men and women – from sedentary to super-fit!

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