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Bachelor of Applied Science - UWS, Australia
Certified Pilates Instructor (Romana’s Pilates Level IV)

Principal Trainer - Pilates Alliance of Australasia
Certified DNS Exercise Practitioner - Rehabilitation Prague School
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment 
Chris began her Pilates Instructor training with Cynthia Lochard in Sydney, Australia  in 1996. She has been a certified Pilates Instructor since 1998 (Pilates Inc., Romana’s Pilates). By historical lineage, she is classified as a 2nd generation Pilates Instructor, having completed her training seminars and examinations with Pilates Elder, Romana Kryzanowska. Chris taught alongside Romana in her training centre in New York during 1998/1999 and continued to study with her until she retired.

Chris has managed and taught in her own Pilates studio from 1999 to date. She was awarded teacher trainer status with Romana’s Pilates in 2004. Chris commenced studying Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) with The Rehabilitation Prague School in 2013 and became a certified DNS exercise instructor in 2016. Chris is a Principal Trainer member of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) and also serves as vice president on the PAA board.

Prior to taking up Pilates Chris had an academic career in Systems Science, graduating with Honours and the University Medal from The University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury). She worked on the faculty of Silliman University (Philippines) for two years and then returned to the University of Western Sydney where she worked as a lecturer and in consultancy/research for several years. Although seemingly unrelated to Pilates, the paradigms of systems science and experiential learning that defined Chris’s academic career, set her in pursuit of a balanced and conscious approach to her own evolution.

After leaving academia, Chris studied human movement and began performing with amateur dance group “Bricolage”, under the tutelage of modern Dancer, Annetta Luce. She also studied with Mind Body Centering practitioner, Alice Cummins.  In 1995, she was recommended to Cynthia Lochard’s Pilates studio after injuring herself dancing. Chris attended Cynthia’s studio three times a week for private classes and was very excited about this strange new movement vocabulary and the strength that quickly developed in her hyper-mobile body! Chris continued her classes for over a year before beginning an apprenticeship training programme with Cynthia.

In 1996 Chris participated in the first Australian workshop run by Pilates elder Romana Krysanowska. After a two year apprenticeship with Cynthia (which included seminars with Romana and Sari Mejia Santos in Australia), she travelled to New York and spent over 7 months working alongside Romana and Sari in Drago’s gymnasium (now known as TRUE Pilates New York). During this time she also worked at Brooke Siler’s studio “Re-Ab” and at a Physical Therapy studio, teaching Pilates as an adjunct to their rehabilitation programs.
Chris returned to Australia in 1999 and opened a Pilates studio in Balmain. Over the next few years, she worked informally with RP apprentices who completed observation hours in her studio.  In 2004 she was granted Teacher Trainer status.

Throughout her Pilates career, Chris has continued to explore Joseph Pilates deeper ideals of a balanced body/mind/spirit. She maintains a strong belief that instructors need to nurture this delicate balance with independent research, disciplined personal practice and an ongoing commitment to continuing education. Chris has written numerous unpublished papers on specific aspects of Pilates and runs regular continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors.